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Favorite Places

Get Back on that Horse

So I finally did another long motorcycle trip. And no wreck like last year! I couldn’t be more pleased. The Suzuki is no Harley, but it served me well. Much less stable than the Heritage, particularly with no Ferring, but we managed just fine.

This trip was all about seeing the kids during their Summer vacation. I couldn’t take off the week, and we’re going to Chicago this weekend…so I wanted to at least make an appearance. Their Mom kept quiet, so it was a great surprise. Wish I could have stayed, but we had a great time. Since I had to be at work today, I made the whole trip to Sun Lakes in one day. It went something like this:

440 miles of beautiful WA – Home in West Seattle to Fall City, north thru Carnation, east on the south side of the Snohomish River until reaching Sultan…then over SR 2 to Coulee City via Waterville. 5 hours. Then returned via 17, thru Ephrata and then Quincy, across the Columbia at Vantage (with the setting sun in my eyes, over grooved pavement. ack!), dinner at the Buzz Inn in Ellensburg (top sirloin – yum!), then home by 11:15pm through the dark & wind & visor bugs. Also 5 hours. Yep, 10 total with one for Dinner.

My butt-limit, as I’ve discovered, is 2 hours. That’s when I got gas, typically. Try this – sit still in a wooden chair squeezing a ball with a fan blowing in your face for 2 hours at a time. That’s pretty much what is was like. But there could not have been better weather for such a trip. Hot East of the Cascades, but not life-taking like last time.

And what scenery! Good lord! Plus 4 hours of Summer Fun with the kids, including a water balloon fight, swimming in the pool, ice cream, and piloting a boat for ’em to innertube & kneeboard.

Busy Day. Fun Day. Slept like a rock. And feelin’ alrite today! Not too shabby. Worth every bit.

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Success in Marketing and Advertising

Recent response to a request for my perspective on the Marketing Industry. Let’s say it’s my three & 1/2 cents. The query came from the college-age daughter of a relative (post dated with the original email’s timestamp):
So…Marketing! As you may know, I worked at a regional ad agency here in the northwest for about 4 years – but you should know that I am a technologist. As a senior staff member tho, I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about. 🙂 The closer you get to running a business, the more you recognise what’s important and what is not. Proper definition, positioning, and rollout of a company’s product is one of the important things.

My agency was all about off-beat products — it took a kind of tongue-in-cheek approach to entrants, challengers, or specialty brands. So most of our work was for folks like Rainier Beer, Tillamook Cheese, DLP Electronics, and the like. However, we also worked for brands like Microsoft, Nike, and Starbucks. So there you are! Whoever pays you determines what you do. Similarly, whatever someone is willing to pay you for something is what it is worth.

Which leads me to my biggest gripe about the Ad world. The creative folks are all about their awards and their designs, and tend to pay little respect to the customer or the product. This is where they differ from marketers — a marketer will take a product from inception to the grave, and all the stages in between. In this sense then, your general background will be helpful. Unfortunately, you need those creative folks to breathe life into your concept. This means that learning how to communicate with people who do not think like you do is a primary skill.

And it should be said that the business is fickle and ever-changing. If this suits your personality, you’ll be fine…but if you are looking for something more predictable, you’ll be miserable. I suspect this axiom is the same for the Hospitality industry, so there’s a nice parallel. Having said that, most people in this industry are attracted by the pace, the variety, and the sexiness it offers. This is exactly why the creative hate to churn out the same dreck month after month for a mature campaign. Who can blame them? But it pays the bills…

So how do you get in and become a great success beyond education, personality, and drive? Nothing prepares you better (for anything, really) than experience and personal contacts. If you haven’t already, look into an internship. Your placement office may be able to help here — but more likely your Alumni Association will be better. You may be at the point where an internship won’t do…but no matter…start working at some entry level. It will suck, but you have to start at the bottom. Don’t worry about the pay, the title, or the job description. Do as much as you can for as many people as you can to get experience and to get noticed. This is the best investment in your future you’ll ever make – guaranteed. Even if you never get properly recognised from the place where you start, your experience will pay you back tenfold. Equity comes later.

No one makes it on their own – particularly in the Ad business. Other types of marketing may be less dynamic, but not for the top-level folks. Aside from being in the right place at the right time it IS all about who you know. When you’re down or in need, the LAST thing you want to do is to call up someone (even a friend) and ask them directly for anything. This puts them on the spot! Much better to have a running conversation over a period of years (yes, years) so that you’ll know what’s available and coming your way before it ever gets there. That is the true power of networking.

By contrast to the agency life, I now work for Micosoft. Their marketing organization is a huge, unweildly bureaucracy…but those folks are all about their product, working with the agencies that promote them, and new release rollouts. But there’s the difference — I work now with people who hire agencies rather than within the group that’s being hired. A vendor, by definition, is a high-stress proposition. None more so than an ad agency. Most people move on for one reason or another in 4-5 years. But to all, it’s a lifestyle.

So…looks like I’ve been rambling on for some time! I’ll stop now. 🙂

Please feel free to write back if you’ve found this little diatribe helpful and would like to “chat” more. Of course, this is all my opinion — but the opinion of someone who has worked in agency-type situations for about 10 years, and who has been in the work force for almost 20.

At any rate, best of luck to you! You’re at an exciting stage in life, and I envy you greatly. If you forget everthing else, take your own advice from Mr. DeMille: “Make a success of living by seeing the goal and aiming for it unswervingly”. Good advice. Pick something and make it happen. Enjoy the process, and value each and every day. Discover what there is to love about the people who surround you. With the application of focus and energy, the rewards will come to you.

Best Regards,

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Ride, Ride Again

Well, despite my problem on the Loop last month, I got a new bike. There was never any real doubt in my mind that I’d be back. I’ve really missed my bike.

This time I got about half the ride with a 2006 Suzuki VZ800K6. It’s nice, but honestly – it ain’t the same. Still, I thought this was a better way to go for now until I get more riding time under my belt. I’m just happy to be getting back on two wheels! The folks at Eastside Motosports were very cool, and I really like what Mike’s trying to build over there. Thanks to Dustin too, who was very helpful and great with the kids.

Some Specs: 50 cubic inch, four-stroke, liquid cooled, 45 degree 8-valve V-twin. Fuel injected, 5-Speed, Shaft drive. The Custom-styled exhaust is designed for a deep rumbling sound and tuned low rpm power, and the Pulsed-secondary air-injection system introduces air into the exhaust ports to ignite unburned hydrocarbons and reduce emissions. The brochure says ‘the M50 is styled with a sleek, muscular look combined with advanced Suzuki technology and features’…and I must agree!

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2 Years Ago Today!

I’ve been trying to get this info posted ever since the show…so why not 2 years later?

In the words of another post here, RUSH (also) RULES!!!

Here’s the playlist from WhiteRiver. The venue sucked, but the boys were great (although Neil looked a little pissed for some reason). Oddly enough, Robert (my ex wife’s-then-boyfriend-now-husband-and-my-co-dad) was directly across from me on the opposite side at the same show. Great minds think alike, I guess! =)
Film/Projected Intro (with animation and Jerry Stiller)

2004 Overture (Instrumental) – Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/Passage to Bangkok/Cygnus X-1/Hemispheres Prelude
The Spirit Of Radio
Force Ten
Red Barchetta
Roll The Bones
The Trees
The Seeker (The Who)
One Little Victory


…another film intro (funny!)
Tom Sawyer
Secret Touch
Between The Wheels
Mystic Rhythms
Red Sector A
Drum Solo —> INCREDIBLE!!!
Resist (Acoustic)
Heart Full of Soul (Acoustic) (Yardbirds)
2112 (Overture, Temples, Finale)
La Villa Strangiato (complete with rant)
By-Tor & the Snow Dog
Working Man


Summertime Blues

Finale Film w/Jerry Stiller “time to go to bed!”

3 hours of music — NOT including the intermezzo! So cool.

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Problems with the Loop

Everything started out so well. It was about noon, and i was psyched to go. A beautiful Summer day, and I was going to do the Cascade Loop on my bike.

It was warm when I started out, as it had been for the past few days. I decided against jacket & gloves, but did opt for the jeans & boots. It was actually a bit chilly until I got over Stevens Pass, but the entire time thereafter was very hot. From Leavenworth on, it was well into the upper 90’s. The road was practically empty down into the valley.

Stopped for lunch in Chelan, and I was dyin’. I really needed some water — my forearms were already burned, but my thirst had my complete attention. The cool damp blast of water vapor streaming off the lake was a welcome feeling. I stopped at a Bar & Grill for lunch at 3:30.

Thus restored, I continued north to Pateros by 4pm. There, at the turn to Winthrop, I hit 200 miles. That was twice the length of my longest ride yet, and I was only at the halfway point! I figured i could make it till 8pm or so…

The 153 & 20 roads were beautiful. It was hot enough that I could smell the baking pine — something I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid back in California. It was wonderful. I love riding. And that unexpected blast of scent or cool air is just a bonus.

After gassing up in Winthrop, the road cleared again. After a short ride to the Summit, it was all downhill now towards Burlington on the coast…about 120 miles. There was still snow by the side of the road at the top, but it was not cold at all. I recall thinking that these peaks were similar to those on the way up hiway 2, but not really “mine”. This was the first time I had been this way.

With a little company from fellow travellers now and then, I made my way down the hill. I was having a great time! The road was clear and well made, so the curves were nothing but fun. Those curves got narrower and sharper the further I progressed however, and about 60 miles from I-5 it happened. Sunburn and fatigue had finally effected my judgement, and I took a left turn too wide. Trying to adjust, I scrapped my left footstand on the pavement, and righted only to be heading straight for the guardrail. I tried to countersteer left back onto the main road, but I was in the gravel, and the bike went right out from under me. Dammit.

The bike slid underneath the guardrail, only to get wedged there. I landed on my left shoulder blade, then rolled leftward downhill first across my front lower left ribs, then again on my back gashing the top of my waist, then once over again to stop face down.

I rolled slowly onto my back, staying still, doing an internal inventory. Much to my surprise, nothing seemed broken, bleeding, or burst. I was…amazed. There were a few of people standing over me — Trisha (?), who gave me water, and a very nice couple from Germany. They asked how I was, and I told them I just had the wind knocked out of me. I was sitting up and walking around in a few minutes. No one was more surprised than I.

I remember thinking when I first scraped my foot rest that I was going to go down. I didn’t panic, but simply tried to slow myself as much as I could before impact. I guess I knew that there was a cliff just a few feet to my right and that I didn’t want to go over it…but I have to credit my survival instinct for avoiding that.

Mark, a Whatcom County Deputy, seemed to be there almost immediately. I’m not sure how long I was on my back, but it was long enough for him to get there and set out a few flares. By the time I was standing, there was a little crowd milling about me — all looking at me as if I were some kind of ghost. Everyone accepted I was standing, but no one could believe it. Later, when the Aid unit arrived, the driver quipped that I should go out and buy a lottery ticket. =)

Anyway, the Volunteer Aid unit took me halfway to Skagit Valley Hospital to get get checked out. I had been feeling fine, but started to feel constricted in my breathing after about 30 minutes. I just wanted to go home — but they persuaded me otherwise. We met the EMTs halfway, and they transferred me to a backboard. Valerie and Mike were awesome. I discovered I hate to be immobilized, so Val gave me a little sumpin-sumpin to let me relax. I chilled. With a smile.

The nurses, the Doc, and the XRay guy (Art) at Skagit were also awesome. I have to admit that I am not used to being taken care of, but these folks all put me at the greatest of ease. I was lucky twice, I think.

Anyway, I got a clean bill of health and they let me go. I called my ex to come pick me up, and she brought Robert and the kids as well. I guess that makes me three times lucky. Thanks, guys! My sons, Michael & David, offerred to stay with me for the night. I accepted, and was more than a little surprised at how comforting their presence was. I love you, boys! Thanks for taking care of your Dad.

Despite the date of this post, I am actually writing two days later on the 4th. I am VERY stiff, but am getting around fine and staying off the prescription. I’m too tired to enjoy fireworks tonight, but I’ll have fun tomorrow at my daughter’s birthday party. She’ll be 5 (going on 15), and I just have to be there…

I filed the insurance claim yesterday, and I’m sure that eventuality will suck. But you know what? I’m alive! With just a few bumps & bruises. I still can’t believe it. If there is a God, he was watchin’ out for my dumb ass that day — for sure.

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Just finished my cycle training class — Thursday evening, Sat & Sun…and not a moment wasted. Terriffic experience. I think ALL drivers need to do this. Nothing compares to the awareness needed to ride a bike.

If you don’t believve me, here’s proof!

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My Harley

I finally achieved my dream. A big, beautiful bike all my own! I woke up this morning and just decided to go for it. I had thought about it and waited long enough…it was time.

I called Eastside Harley a half hour before it open. Jamie Phalen answered and told me to come in. By 3:30, I was driving my new Heritage Softtail off the lot. What day!

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Queen Rocks!

OK, so guess who I saw yesterday on the Burbank flight? And shook hands with & spoke to before boarding?? And tried hard as hell not to gush all over like some silly cheese-headed teenager???? None other than the lead guitarist for Queen — Brian May!!!

So I told him he was one of my guitar heroes, and that I would see him in concert that very night! He said with a chuckle, “Well, I guess I’ll have to wake up then.” What a god. He was obviuosly tired, yet he was a true gentleman — pleasant and very tolerant. He was traveling with his daughter (& bodyguard). Brother’s huge – 6’4” with that curly mop. TOTALLY BITCHIN’!!!!

David (8 years) was listening to my iPod during the flight, and at one point I noticed “We Will Rock You” was playing. I pointed out Brian in first class, and told David that he was the guy he was listening to….David was impressed.

So here’re a couple of weird things:

1. I was wearing my white pants with a t-shirt. That was all that was left in my bag after missing the flight yesterday…I thought “no big” since we’d just be stepping on the plane. So…with my stupid lip issue & no shower, I must’ve looked like a FREAK. But both he & Roger Taylor wore White-on-White for the concert (!!!!)

2. I could NOT get “Tie Your Mother Down” out of my head the whole flight. I even felt guilty about it, since we had just left Mom. It was their opener. And yes, it blew me away!

The show was incredible. Paul Rogers did well on his own, and even did a favorable Freddie, but didn’t try to replace him…which he doesn’t have to, and which is good — ‘cause it wouldn’t be possible. The second number was “Fat Bottomed Girls”, which ROCKED. A lot of us then sang along to the brilliant acoustic version of “Love Of My Life”. Roger was really workin’ the drums, but seemed to struggle and had sync problems at first…but he sang brilliantly at center stage on “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”. Brian’s Guitar solo left me dumbfounded – it was amazing, with Queen/Hendrix/Page/Townsend influences. Later in the show, “Another One Bites the Dust” just didn’t work…but “Under Pressure” was GREAT. They also did Paul’s Hits…”Can’t Get Enough”, “Feel like Makin’ Love”, ”Bad Company”, and “All Right Now”.

I bought the ticket in December, so I had to go…even though I felt like a wrung-out dishrag on the way after a week visiting Mom with the kids. During the show however, and even today though I feel great. Absolutely blissful. I was in the first section back stage right, so I could see everything. What a show.

Queen Rules!!!

Complete Set List:

It’s A Beautiful Day
Reaching Out

Tie Your Mother Down
Fat Bottomed Girls
Can’t Get Enough
Take Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Love Of My Life
Hammer To Fall
Feel Like Makin’ Love
Let There Be Drums
I’m In Love With My Car
Guitar Solo
Last Horizon
Bad Company
Another One Bites The Dust
Dragon Attack
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Radio Ga Ga
Under Pressure
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody (complete with Freddie playing piano & singing on the screen!)

We Will Rock You
All Right Now
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen

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Back at work now, after an amazing weekend trip to Colorado. The scenery was exquisite, the reunion with Art and his family…amazing. You just don’t know what you’re doing without until it stares you in the face. Art and Sharon are incredible people, and to my fortune, good friends. More later on this subject, and of course more pictures for the gallery! Just wanted to leave a bookmark to record a sense of what I’m feeling at the moment….exhausted, exhilarated, and completely filled with the depth of true friendship.

This journey was more than I could’ve hoped for, and touched my essence in a way that I didn’t really think possible. After so many changes recently, most in support of others, the universe decided to grant me a gift that was exclusively tailored to me. I am humbled and appreciative, because this gift was worth more to me now than anything temporal or material I can imagine. It of course makes one long for more, but then it wouldn’t be as sweet. And since we’re here to give, it would be presumptuous to ask for more. But in receipt, we can at least know that we’ve been fulfilling our purpose. And that too is a gift.

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Airport Security

I read an editorial today that I suppose should not surprise me. Diana Abu-jaber, a noted author born in America, was retuning from a book festival in Jamaica with her husband whe she was detained by security. She mentions in her article that all the current system does is to keep us in a “state of heightened anxiety”. I could not agree more.

The heightened security system does not work. It cannot stop anyone serious about causing trouble, and inconveniences the rest of us. If you have the wrong last name, you’re screwed.

This is not the America I want to live in.

During my last California trip with the kids, my son David was coded to be seperated from the crowd and searched. HE WAS SIX YEARS OLD! What the hell is WRONG with a system that does this sort of thing? The security folks were gentle with him, and acted professionally. He was terrified, but remained calm. I complained to the shift supervisor after thanking him and his team for their professionalism, but he simply and non-comittally told me where I could lodge a formal complaint.

It’s just like the bureaucratic mind to create a system that makes sense, but doesn’t work. It’s just like the American mind to delegate responsibility and then fail to monitor the result. So many people feel powerless to change things, mostly because of busy lives. But somewhere in the pursuit of getting a new plasma TV, there’s got to be room for some social responsibility. It is not the sole province of whackos. After all, what’s crazier? Making the world a better place to live in, or living in the constant pursuit of what the marketing machine tells us to pursue?

Should be a no-brainer.

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